How To Make Malunggay Tea

farmeric June 28th, 2009

Malunggay tea processing is the method in which the leaves from Moringa oleifera are transformed into the dried leaves for brewing. Malunggay tea is considered a dietary source of important vitamins and minerals.  Tea from malunggay is a healthy drink and contains a higher level of polyphenols (flavonoids), which are known for anti-oxidant activity.

Harvesting and collection of leaves for drying. Harvesting is done by picking 2-3 younger green leaves and with no signs of yellowing of the compound leaves with snap.  Collected leaves are placed in a tray before transporting them in a drying shade.

Sorting and cleaning. Immediately after harvesting, collected leaves are cleaned and sorted out with un-necessary materials such as dust and laid out in a in a plastic tray or basket with 2-3 cm. fine mesh.

Air-drying. Air drying will last with in 2-3 days in a shade house and not sun dry for this will affect the quality of the tea if it is exposed to sun.  The tea leaves will begin to wilt soon after picking, with a gradual onset of enzymatic oxidation. Air drying is used to remove excess water from the leaves and allows a very light amount of oxidation. The leaves can be left in a cool breezy room to pull moisture out from the leaves. The leaves sometimes lose more of their weight in water during wilting.

Shaking in a screen or basket. Shaking of dried leaves is done using a 0.2-0.3cm fine mesh in order to remove the leaf petioles that shed out during the drying period.  This process was done to eliminate the un-necessary materials that are incorporated in the dried leaves.

Pan drying. In pan drying, air dried malunggay leaves undergoes minimal oxidation via application of heat like dry cooking in a hot pans as done by traditional Chinese (Wikipedia, 2007).  This is done in 2-3 minutes of constantly turning over in a pan over a low fire. This process is accomplished by moderately heating tea leaves, thus deactivating their oxidative enzymes, without destroying the flavor of the tea.  Great care must be taken to not over-cook the leaves. However, freeze dry method can be done for the most common good tea making.

Packaging and Storage. Malunggay Tea leaves has a shelf-life that varies with storage conditions and loses its flavor quickly upon exposure to air. It is a practice that the tea leaves should be packed into a small tea bag (usually paper). It is easy and convenient, making tea bags popular for many people today.  Tea stays its freshness when packed and stored in a cool, dry, dark place in an air-tight containers.

Malunggay tea Brewing Procedure. Measure the desired amount of dried malunggay tea leaves and place into the tea cup or tea pot.  Use at least 2-3 teaspoon of malunggay tea for every 1 cup of hot water.

  1. Bring the water to a rolling boiling of 100°C.

  2. Add enough water to submerse the malunggay tea leaves and let it sit for a few seconds before pouring out the water.

  3. Add hot water and let the malunggay tea leaves steep for 1-3 minutes.

Malunggay Iced Tea Brewing Method

  1. To make iced tea, double the amount of Malunggay tea leaves recommended on the basic tea brewing instructions.

  2. Follow the basic malunggay tea brewing instruction to brew the tea.

  3. Place unrefined sugar or honey into a second tea pot if desired.  Pour the hot tea into the tea pot and stir.

  4. Place ice in cups and pour the hot tea into it.

  5. Let the tea cool for a few minutes before drinking.

Note: In general, the volume of ice added should equal the volume of water used to brew the tea. Try Malunggay tea and experience the joy of drinking a healthy and nutritious tea.

Using a coffee maker

You might consider trying this fast and easy method to see whether it’s convenient for you and fits your personal taste. It is important to make sure that your coffee maker does not carry any leftover coffee taste which will affect the aroma of the Malunggay Tea. Some people simply use the coffeemaker strictly for tea brewing. Treat the loose Malunggay Tea as if it were ground coffee by putting it in a filter paper. Proper proportion is 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for three tea cups of spring water. Follow the same procedure as you would if you were brewing coffee. Water boiled through the coffee maker has the same temperature required for brewing the Malunggay tea leaves.

Enjoy drinking it in the morning to give you vigor and vitality all day long.

You may repeat the same process twice.

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