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EarthNews is your source of information on issues concerning environment,health, natural news, global climate change, people empowerment and any issues affecting mother earth.

Looks Younger with Anti-Aging Benefits of Saluyot

farmeric November 18th, 2013

Being born with a blood of an Ilocano, I was exposed to some Ilocano foods when I was young. One of the most fascinated vegetables I’ve found  then was the Saluyot because of it’s slimy feeling in my mouth. My city friends called it “damo” or grass and they hate it.  A lot of our friends in the province eat a lot of these to promote weight loss specially for women.

Saluyot Leaves

Saluyot Leaves

However, on my research on this fascinating vegetable. I’ve found that it has high ingredients of anti-aging vitamins and minerals! Continue Reading »

Help “No to Mining in Palawan” Add 10M Signatures

farmeric May 18th, 2012

Helping this advocacy is so easy. All it takes is a simple five (5) step procedure. Here they are:

1. Inform your friends through email. – You can ask your friends to join and sign the petition. In an email, be sure to enclose this composition:

Hi there, I just signed the online petition to save Palawan’s forests from mining and thought you might want to sign as well.

You can sign it here: http://no2mininginpalawan.com

National Geographic named Palawan as one of its top-20 destinations for 2011. It has 17 Key Biodiversity Areas and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are at risk from mining.

If we don’t do anything, the future for Palawan’s indigenous people and rare endemic species is bleak. Please sign the petition, then forward this email to some friends and ask them to do the same. We know the strength of People Power, now it’s time for Palawan Power!


2. Share its link at Facebook. – Paste this link on your profile’s wall: http://no2mininginpalawan.com and add a short message like this one: Continue Reading »

The Importance of Water

farmeric May 6th, 2012

When we consider that the body is made up of 75 per cent water, it is hardly surprising that we need to drink regularly to keep our bodies functioning well.

Adults lose around 2.25-3.5 liters (4-6 pints) of water every day (more if we take a lot of physical exercise): 0.6 liter (1 pint) in perspiration, 1.2 liters (2 pints) in breathing out and 1.8 liters (3 pints) of urine. This liquid must all be replaced.

In fact our bodies can survive longer without food than they can without water. The right balance of Continue Reading »

Guide to Do It Yourself Green Living

farmeric February 26th, 2012

Going green can be something as little as recycling or something as big as using solar panels on your house and getting energy from a windmill. The good thing is there’s no right or wrong way to ‘go green’. It’s about what works best for you and your family. Our new guide will address simple ways you can live a little greener.

Grab Guide to Do It Yourself Green Living Now!

Content Topics

Introduction 4
A Look at the Affordability of Green Energy 4
5 Types of Green Energy You Should be Familiar With 6
Make Your Home Greener with These Improvements 7
Tips for Helping the Environment by Reducing Household Waste 8
Benefits of LED Lights 10 Continue Reading »

Marijuana Is A Medicine - Is It True?

farmeric December 12th, 2011

Is it true or not? Actually, the answer is no. Although, marijuana is a medicine that bears legal claims from some US citizens, definitely, it is, still, a prohibited drug. Yes, these are people who believed that this dry, green and mixed leaves, flowers, seeds and stems of Cannabis sativa can cure certain diseases like glaucoma, the “wasting syndrome” associated with AIDS, epilepsy, muscular spasticity disorders and others in relation. Marijuana remains not safe for intake.
Why is there such a belief? The use of marijuana for medical purposes can be, actually, traced back to 5,000 years and plus before. Its most active element seen is the THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.
Before, the US government has agreed on legal access to the said drug for the Continue Reading »

Hot Compress Water Therapy

farmeric November 30th, 2011

Hot Compress is different from heating compress. Heat compress is the application of heat to a small area with hot gauze or hot compress cloth.

Benefits of Hot Compress

  1. Increases circulation locally.
  2. Relieves pain.
  3. Relieves congestion.

Things Needed

  1. A basin of hot water (104 degrees Fahrenheit), or as hot as can be tolerated.
  2. Gauze or compress cloth (fave towel) or any clean piece of cloth.
  3. Solution as per order. May used boiled guava leaves in case of infected wound.
  4. Old newspaper for used dressings.
  5. Baby oil or cream (use only for eye compress.

Procedure :

  1. Boil water or guava leaves if compress is for infected wound.
  2. Apply baby oil on the forehead and eyelids if compress is to be applied on the eyes.
  3. Wring compress form hot water or hot solution. Partially twist the compress cloth holding it on both ends. Dip the compress into the hot water or solution and twist it lightly, pulling the two ends apart, thus squeezing the water out.
  4. Apply compress directly on the area to be treated without pressure.
  5. Compress must be changed frequently at least every 3 minutes. In case of infected wound, discard the used compress cloth or gauze. Use it only once. Do not dip the used compress the second time.
  6. Continue the compress for 15-20 minutes, renewing it every 3 minutes. Keep the water or solution hot at all times during the treatment.
  7. At the end of treatment, remove hot compress and dry treated area.
  8. Apply medication or ointment as ordered by physician in cases of infected wound, boils and ulcers.
  9. Apply sterile dressing and keep dry.

Heating Compress

farmeric November 19th, 2011

Let’s continue our subject regarding water treatment procedures.

Today, we will talk about heating compress.

First, heating compress is defined as a mild, prolonged application of moist heat of several hours duration.

Some of the effects of heating compress on the patient includes:

  1. Relaxes muscles.
  2. Relieves pain of throat or rheumatic joints.
  3. Relieves abdominal discomfort (use abdominal bandage).
  4. Reduces joint inflammation.
  5. A mild heating effect.

The main thing needed for heating compress is a cloth such as:

  1. A piece of cotton cloth, folded for moderate thickness, about two inches wide and long enough to wrap around the neck or joint twice. A lady’s hankie (small size and thin), folded lengthwise, will do, if to be applied on the throat.
  2. A piece of flannel cloth, about four inches wide and long enough to wrap about the joint or neck. A baby’s flannel blanket or diaper, folded lengthwise will just right for the knees.
  3. Two safety pins.
  4. If medicated compress is ordered, use the medication prescribed. Vicks Vaporub ointment may be used.

Here are the procedures in performing heating compress:

  1. Soak cloth with tap water. Wring and put around the neck or joint twice. Be sure the wet cloth is neither too wet to drip nor too dry. If medicated compress is applied, rub area with prescribed medication or ointment. Do not wet the cloth with water but wrap the cloth around the area dry after the medication is applied. (In applying a plain heating compress, wet cloth is applied without medication).
  2. Apply compress smoothly and quickly to avoid chilling.
  3. With the piece of flannel cloth, wrap compress snugly to exclude air and pin securely on the side of the neck or joint.
  4. Leave compress on overnight or at least for 6-8 hours.
  5. Take care that the compress is not too tight so it does not interfere with circulation and joint movements.
  6. Rub the area with a cloth wrung out of cold water (tap water) immediately after removing the compress in the morning or after 6-8 hours.
  7. Dry the area thoroughly. Compress may be applied once or twice a day.

Note: It is best to apply a heating compress at night just before retiring.

Cold Compress Procedures

farmeric November 9th, 2011

Cold compress is a cloth wrung or twisted from cold or ice water which may be applied to any part of the body surface.

Benefits of Cold Compress:

  1. Relieves pain due to edema or trauma.
  2. Prevents and relieves head congestion.
  3. Slows heart rate if applied over the heart.
  4. Constrict blood vessels, decreasing local blood flow.
  5. Decreases tendency to bleed due to vaso-constriction.
  6. Lowers body temperature when applied over at least fourth of body surface, or when applied on the forehead or nape.
  7. Stops nosebleed when applied on the nasal area.

Things Needed for Cold Compress

  1. Washcloth or face towel or any clean piece of cloth. The size should be proportionate to the area to be treated. For convulsions use bath towels.
  2. A basin of ice water, 2/3 full.
  3. One bath towel

Cold Compress Procedures

  1. Wring compress cloth from ice water. Be sure it does not drip.
  2. Apply snugly on the area to be treated.
  3. Change or renew compress every 2-3 minutes.
  4. Treatment time for decongestion - 20-30 minutes; for fever - continuously, or as long as there is fever.
  5. At the end of the treatment, dry body part thoroughly with the towel and avoid chilling.

What is Starch Bath and What Are the Procedures

farmeric October 1st, 2011

Starch bath is an immersion in starchy water for a soothing effect.

Effects of Starch Bath

  1. Relieves skin irritation.
  2. Soothes burning and itching sensations.
  3. Tendency to dry skin.

Things Needed:

  1. Bath tub. For babies, big basin may be used.
  2. Big drum or plastic water container for adults, big enough to soak the whole body.
  3. Two glasses of starch or “gawgaw” for adult; 1/2 glass for babies and children. Continue Reading »

Hot Sitz Bath

farmeric September 11th, 2011

Let’s continue our topic about different water treatment.

What is a hot sitz bath?

Hot Sitz Bath =
A partial immersion bath covering the pelvic and the anal areas.


  1. Relieves pain after rectal operation.
  2. Hastens healing and cleaning of the operated area.
  3. Relieves cramps and spasms in pelvic region and urinary bladder.
  4. Stimulates pelvic circulation.
  5. Relaxes urinary bladder.

Things Needed:

  1. One large basin - deep enough for a person to sit in.
  2. One smaller basin for the foot bath.
  3. One small basin with ice or cold water and compress.
  4. One towel, long enough to go around the head. Continue Reading »

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